Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping: Reviews of High Bounce Picks For Vertical Jump & Dunking

Basketball shoes are not created equal:

Some are designed for speed while others are more suitable for jumping…


You want to get the best of both worlds, especially if your position requires you to rebound, dunk, and to do a lot of vertical and aerial maneuvers.

Don’t worry because we have all the information you need to find the best basketball shoes for jumping.

We’ve concluded:

The #1 recommendation for getting more air is the Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG, which has amazing traction and will provide you with soft landings for your biggest leaps.


Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping for 2019 Reviews

We think these basketball shoes will help you jump higher:

See what makes these shoes better for jumping:

Product Details
#1 Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe

Superior Lockdown

  • Star Rating: 5
  • Sole Feature: Multidirectional Design
  • Price: $$$
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#2 Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

Extra Bouncy

  • Star Rating: 4.2
  • Sole Feature: Wavy Traction Design
  • Price: $$$
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#3 Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes Kyrie Irving Mens

Decent Traction But Overpriced

  • Star Rating: 4.1
  • Sole Feature: Unique Suspension Pods
  • Price: $$$
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1. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe

Whether you are on offense or the defense, the Soldier 10 will not fail you.

Its trademark lace-less strap system still offers maximum lockdown and encompasses the entire foot – from the toes to the ankles to prevent slippage. The multidirectional outsole design allows a full transition of power without interruption.

Incorporated with Nike’s signature Zoom Air, you can expect this shoe to have the best cushion support. It truly deflects the impact of hard landings.


The efficient strap system dispenses with the need for complicated straps that eliminate the cumbersome lacing process.

The lockdown is excellent. Your feet don’t feel like your feet are slipping or that the shoes are going to come off.

It has excellent comfort and support. It can take on those hard landings with ease. It is also quite responsive and accommodates those high-impact movements.

It has excellent quality. It can hold up well against a lot of abuse.

Many people said the fit is just right. They did not have issues finding the right size for them.

Ankle support is also commendable, according to many users. They did not experience ankle and heel pain even after using it for a long time.


Some said the straps takes some time getting used to.

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2. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

One of the best-performing basketball shoes since 2008, the Hyperdunk X is a mainstay in the basketball shoe industry because it truly delivers what is expected of it. It boasts of a textile upper that has lightweight and breathable functions.

Like the previous Nike shoes, these are also incorporated with the Zoom Air technology for excellent cushioning.

It has a ¾-bootie design for easy entry. The laces are extra-large to provide more superior wrapping and a more secure fit. The soles also feature wavy traction to provide a top-notch grip on the soles.


When it comes to traction, this will not disappoint. Many people commend how good its traction is, no matter what sources you are playing on.

The cushioning does not fail. It is bouncy and has a good impact dispersion capability.

The materials are durable and can accommodate rough usage. Many did not have issues with textile upper comfort. It doesn’t seem to require a lot of breaking in.

Many users also said they did not have issues finding a good fit. These seem to be true to size and can also accommodate different types of foot shapes.

There are worries about heel slippage. It also minimizes side to side feet movement.

It comes with an excellent TPU wing that keeps the foot contained. This can enhance performance.


There are those who said this shoe is a bit difficult to put on. Some also lamented on how soft the rubber outsole is, which might not make this ideal for outdoor basketball.

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3. Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Men’s Shoes

Kyrie’s agility on the court is mostly due to his well-honed skills and partly due to the shoes he is wearing. The Kyrie 3 is designed to facilitate rapid and fluid movements. They suit different kinds of players, especially those who have a need for jumping shoes.

They have a custom feel to it as well as excellent traction and responsive cushioning system.

Take a quick look at the soles and you will see a unique pattern. It comes with independent suspension pods that are designed to provide the best traction so you can make those abrupt movements with ease. It also features a unique sole curvature that allows wearers to play using any kind of angle.


We like the overall look and style of this pair of basketball shoes. The black and white version has subtle detailing that is worth taking a closer look. There are also textured ones that make an impact when it comes to style. It is stylish enough to be worn outside of the court.

The designers paid extra attention to the fit to respond to the needs of Kyrie who often has explosive movements. That is achieved with it’s Flywire internal support mechanisms. This provides a good foot down, so there are no extra movements that can cause slipping. This material is lightweight and made from the most durable fiber materials.

The heel has been integrated with the Nike Zoom Air, a kind of responsive cushioning system that enhances comfort and support.

It feels lightweight according to many wearers. The shoe did not feel like they are dragging the feet down.


There were those who said these shoes run small and that they are not great for people with wide feet.

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4. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

The Pro Bounce is one of the best basketball shoes for jumping because it is specifically crafted for explosive and quick maneuvers. They have different types of players in mind, hence the reason why this shoe is great for different purposes. But for jumping, its lightweight features make this a sterling choice.

Aside from the lightweight and breathable upper material, it also allows players to jump higher with its superior ankle and Achilles support. Completely padded to provide support and comfort to these areas, you get excellent performance while wearing these shoes.

The textile upper boasts of durable Forgefiber that ensures it will last longer, no matter how much you subject it to.


This is easily the most stylish shoe on this list. You also have different color options to choose from, which makes this pair of shoes a good choice as an everyday pair of shoes as well.

It features a Bounce technology that delivers the best midsole comfort and top-notch impact absorption. You can use it all day without suffering from fatigue. Many users report not feeling any kind of pain or dull ache after a day of usage.

The base design is simple and does not detract from the overall look of the textile upper. The traction has a spiral-like design that also has a substantial grip on the floor. The grippy soles also makes this a good outdoor shoe.

It keeps the feet contained. The Forgefiber offers adequate support even on the sides, so there is no worry that your feet will slide out. It also has a cable lacing type of containment system.

Quick direction changes can be achieved with this. It has a highly responsive design that makes a player more agile.

It is so comfortable, it doesn’t require break-in time.

This also features 2 inches of the base so you get added height for jumping.

There were those who have wide feet who said this is one of those shoes that fit them better.

Quality-wise, these are good. There were no issues of damage or falling apart after just a few basketball sessions.


There were those who were a little unsatisfied with the ankle support provided by these shoes.

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5. Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

A good stretchable material is what makes an excellent basketball shoe for jumping. Just take it from this one from Under Armour that features the ClutchFit technology. This technology features a material that promises more stretch, more support, and more breathability to make the average basketball player perform like a superstar.

It features a unique bear-trap lacing system that allows for superior lockdown. Top-notch support and padding have also been integrated into the heel, especially the Achilles area in order to support your feet when doing those jump shots.

It also features an Ortholite sock liner that absorbs moisture and prevents bad bacteria that cause smelly shoes.


Excellent fit and excellent support, this basketball shoe provides the best features to make those intricate shots happen. The internal layer has Micro G foam that absorbs impact.

The textile upper is breathable and has a good stretch that allows flexibility. Users can make a wide range of foot movements with it.

There is a lot of stability and support to the heels and Achilles, thanks to its excellent internal shanks.

It keeps odor at bay with its Anti-odor liner technology. That means you can go in between washes without worrying about a smelly shoe.

The herringbone pattern of the soles offers great traction. It provides excellent control to users.

Many people commend this shoe for being comfortable. They said they have used this to walk all day and did not experience pain.

It has a decent weight. It is not too heavy that it prevents you from achieving those explosive movements.

Many also said this is easy to break-in.


There were those who said it is a bit difficult to slide your feet in without opening the laces all the way.

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Which is the Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping – A Quick Look

Great Power Transition: Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe. If you are looking for a shoe that can deliver more power when doing those jump shots, this is an excellent choice. It is capable of transitioning the power to respond to your movements so you won’t experience any stall.

Excellent Traction: Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe. We think this is your best choice if you are looking for top-notch traction, which is one of the key components when you want to make those jump shots. It has good support and comfort as well and seems to have excellent footdown as well.

Great Footdown: Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Men’s Shoes. The internal design of the Kyrie 3 provides the most excellent footdown. It keeps the feet in place, so there are no excess movements that can get in the way of explosive movements and can even cause foot injuries.

Most Lightweight: Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe. The lightweight properties of this pair of shoes can’t be beaten. That makes it a stand out when it comes to doing jumps and making quick direction changes. If you want to be as agile as you want while playing basketball, this can be a good choice for you.

Best Fit Support: Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes. Support is indispensable when doing these jump shots. This is why we recommended this one from Under Armour. The ClutchFit technology ensures there is good internal cushioning support to enhance performance and prevent injuries. It is also chock-full of features, even more than the previously-mentioned shoes have to offer.

Out of all these options, we think the best among the best is Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe simply because of its excellent weight. Since you are looking for a pair of basketball shoes fit for jumping, you would want the most agile and the most lightweight shoe around to make you feel like you are flying. This shoe fits the bill.


We have many more recommendations on the best basketball shoes for different kinds of needs. Don’t forget to visit our guide to the best basketball shoes and check out our reviews and recommendations to find the basketball shoes that will enhance your performance.