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Basketball Probase Reviews: Is It Good for Your Game?

As a player, you don’t stop your game on the courts only. You also want to practice, train and have fun in the comfort of your home. 

But how?

Having your own basketball and goal will do the trick.

What is Basketball Probase?

Basketball Probase offers you the only steel stand for portable basketball hoops. It is a unique invention to support portable basketball hoops.

If you have noticed, the plastic base is bulky, hard to remove, dangerous, and unstable in strong winds. To try to solve these problems, people resorted to putting bags of sand and concrete blocks on them. But there is always a better option. Instead of replacing plastic base every few years, you can use Probase.

You can only buy such products from Probase. If you want your portable hoop to be the sturdiest, steadiest, and safest hoop, this one is perfect! 

Why is a basketball Probase review important?

Reason #1: Safety 

With its inground system, strong winds and intense playing will not tip over Probase on cars and especially on players. You can intensely play without worries if you use Probase.

It is safe and sturdy and you can install it in any kind of soil, even wet, dry or hard ones. Since Probase has an extra-large cross-shaped stake, it can anchor the base solidly to the ground.

Reason #2: Durability

The design of Probase is meant to never break or wear out. It is composed of 100% durable steel and a thick rust-resistant thermoplastic finish. 

Reason #3: Flexibility

Probase is compatible with any brand of portable hoops. It is even compatible with round, square, vertical or angled pole models. 

You can easily detach Probase and store it away. If you set it on a public road, you can easily rotate it!

Reason #4: Ready to use

You can actually install Probase in less than an hour. You will only need a level, a sledgehammer, and a 17mm wrench. 

You can even install it by yourself, but if you need help, feel free to do so.

Ways to set up basketball Probase

  1. First, you need to choose a spot to let you push a stake. Behind it should be a solid surface like a concrete curb or pavement. 
  2. Once you’re done, use a pinch point crowbar to make a 24-inch pilot hole and insert it straight into the ground. If there is anything that can hinder the path, find another spot.
  3. Next, you have to assemble the two components of the stake and tighten the bolts firmly. You will then assemble the pivot base to the upper part of the stale and align the four holes of each part.
  4. You fasten the eight bolts, eight flat washers, and eight nuts into the eight outer holes. Tighten them slightly while leaving the center hole empty. 
  5. After that, prepare the tapping block inside the pivot base and tapping block holder into the grooves of the tapping block. Push them between the bolts to the base of the tapping block. 
  6. The next thing to do is push down the assembled stake into the pilot hole. You can push it by using a sledgehammer of 10 lbs or more to hit on the tapping block. 

Remember to push it as straight as possible until the base of the pivot is even with the ground.

  1. Keep in mind that the plastic or wooden tapping block is only a one-time installation. The striking power, clay soils, and rocky grounds may damage the block during installations, so you have to be careful and mindful.
  2. When you made sure that the stake is firmly inserted into the ground, remove the tapping block, hardware, and tapping block holder. Once done, insert the pivot into the pivot base.
  3. Align the middle holes of the two pivot parts and tightly secure them together.
  4. Assemble the main pole holder to the pivot and tighten the hardware firmly.
  5. Level the main pole holder lengthwise and crosswise.
  6. Once you made sure that the pole holder is leveled, insert the remaining flat washers, bolts, and nuts in the unused holes and tighten firmly.
  7. You can start inserting the pole of your basketball hoop into the main pole holder. Once it is secured, install the removable front cover to secure the installation.
  8. Insert the pressure plate behind the pole and insert the handle bolts. Screw them until the pressure plate is firmly squeezed against the pole.

Congratulations! You can now use Probase!

Can you replace a portable basketball base?

Of course!

Probase is compatible with all poles on the market, be it any shape or size. Given that, Probase can replace any plastic bases on all types of portable basketball hoops.

Once you’re done removing the base, you can insert the pole directly in Probase.


With Probase, you can practice at your own home, which can level up your game any time even when you are not on the court. A piece of reliable equipment means extra support you never thought you’ll need to increase your skills.

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