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Basketball Weighted Vest: How to Use It for Your Workouts

Thinking of getting a basketball weighted vest but not sure if you need
one? Weight vests for basketball have become the trend in the past few years,
and for good reason. They’re an excellent tool for building toughness and improving your
overall conditioning. But if you’re looking to incorporate a basketball weight vest into your
workout plan and have no idea how to use it, we’ll discuss below some
information that can help you decide.

Let’s start.

What is a basketball weighted vest?

If you’ve seen other basketball players wear a black or camo-colored
vest either zipped up or with velcro in place, then you’ve already seen
what a basketball weighted vest looks like.
From the name itself, it’s a heavy vest that adds weight to your front and
back. You can put it on by placing opposing arms into each slot.

Are basketball weight vests effective during workouts?

Yes, they are! In fact, if you’ve been a basketball beginner for a while
now, you can rely on a basketball weighted vest to take your workouts to
the next level.
As we mentioned earlier, wearing a weight vest for basketball can add
stress and weight to your body, making your workout regimen even more

This increased difficulty makes it possible for you to increase your bone
density, develop your strength, and cultivate your ability to endure.
It is effective as long as you or your basketball coach knows when and
how long you and your team can use it.

When should you use a weight vest during a basketball workout?

It’s advisable to use one during pre-season workouts, like toughness
drills and jump circuits, or in the spring during your work-capacity phase.
A weight vest in your basketball workout is also ideal during summer
training if you’re a player with limited time during the season.
This way, you can keep your competitive edge and remain well-

When should you not use a basketball weighted vest?

As with any other basketball equipment, there’s a proper time for
everything, and the same goes for using a weight vest for basketball.
First, don’t use it if you or your team members aren’t strong or
conditioned enough to handle the additional weight.
We also don’t recommend it for players with poor kinesthetic awareness
and who lack coordination in moving efficiently while wearing the vest.
Lastly, always remember that workouts have their purpose and goal.
If you only want to wear it to spice things up without an overall plan,
wearing a basketball weight vest is a big no-no.

7 weight vest workouts for basketball

Now you know when to use and not use weight vest workouts for

This time, we will discuss which workout routine works best with a
basketball weight vest—even while you’re listening to basketball songs.
Here are some weight vest basketball workouts that might help:

#1: Jogging
Did you know that a simple walk, jog, run, or brisk walking can already
become an enjoyable weight vest basketball workout?
The added weight from the basketball weight vest will make it more
challenging for you to walk. Thus, you need to adjust your overall pacing
to keep up.
On the other hand, if you’re already comfortable with your normal pace,
you can try remaining at that level instead to boost your cardiovascular

#2: StairMaster
You might be familiar with this, given that it’s one of the workouts most
people dread.
However, this exercise has already produced great results for many
fitness buffs, so there’s no question that it’s worth it.
With a weight vest for basketball, your weight increases, and the
StairMaster becomes even more arduous.
So if you plan to use a weight vest for this basketball workout, expect a
burning sensation in your calves, hamstring, legs, and quads.

#3: Pull-ups
Pull-ups are one of the best exercises to turn into a weight vest
basketball workout.
This is because they aim to improve your core, shoulders, and upper

A basketball weight vest might make it harder for you to complete your
usual pull-up reps.
If this happens, simply hold onto a bar with an overhand grip. Afterward,
pull your body up until your chin is level with the bar.
Slowly lower yourself to your starting position and repeat.

#4: Mountain climbers
Many beginners confuse “mountain climbing” with “rock climbing”. But
they’re different.
To incorporate a weight vest for basketball in this workout, first, adopt a
push-up form.
Pull your left knee towards your left elbow without letting it touch the
floor. Afterward, return to your original position.
Repeat the activity using your right knee and right elbow, and continue
until you’re satisfied with your reps.

#5: Isolated planks
Wearing a basketball weight vest while doing isolated planks can help
improve your overall core strength even more.
All you need to do is go into a push-up position. But instead of laying
your hands flat against the floor, lean on your elbows for one minute and
do it on each arm for five rounds.

#6: Prisoner squat
The prisoner squat is another lower-body activity you can enhance with
a basketball weighted vest.
For this workout, lower yourself into a basic squat position with your
hands behind your head. Stay in that form for five seconds before
returning to your original post.

To make the most of this weight vest basketball workout, do this ten
times for one set until you complete three sets.

#7: Box jump
The box jump is one of the best ways you can develop speed and
explosiveness suitable for basketball players.
It’s a simple exercise that makes use of a thigh-high box in front of you.
The idea here is to squat down, jump as high as possible over the box,
and land as softly as you can.
Repeat this weight vest basketball workout ten times for three rounds.

So, is wearing a weight vest for basketball workouts worth it for enthusiasts?

Incorporating a basketball weighted vest for your workouts is a great way
to take your basketball workouts to the next level.

Note, however, that it can make things more challenging for you.
Therefore, you need to know when to use it and when not to.

Want to learn more weight vest workouts for basketball players?
Watch the video below for more ideas!

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