Review: Goalrilla GLR GS54 Basketball System

The problem with many in-ground basketball systems is that they are designed to work with larger courts or driveways. If you have a smaller installation point, then in the past, you’ve been out of luck when it comes to a professional-style system. With the Goalrilla GLR GS54 basketball system, everything changes. Not only does it work for a court of any size, but you’ll receive a 3/8-inch tempered glass backboard that is super strong for any shot you might take.

Why This In-Ground System Gives Your Court an Advantage

This Goalrilla system might be marketed for smaller courts and driveways, but it is also one of the most supportive all-around systems that is on the market today. It all starts with the larger 5×5 inch support pole, nearly two inches larger in diameter than other systems provide. This gives you a rock-solid playing experience that is supported by powder-coated steel so you won’t have to worry about corrosion.

It also features an anchor bolt-mounting system, which makes it easier to install the system in the first place. Leveling is a lot easier thanks to this effective design. It also means that this system is fairly easy to transport, so if you need to move to a new home, you can take your basketball court with you.

The backboard itself is fairly large for at-home systems, measuring 54 inches on the horizontal and 34 inches on the vertical. The overhang is just 2.5 feet.

There are even rebar steel rods included so that you can strengthen the concrete for your installation.

Why Does the Goalrilla In-Ground System Vibrate?

In most instances, the Goalrilla in-ground basketball system plays like a regulation basketball hoop. In some situations, however, there are reports of this system creating excessive amounts of vibration when the ball strikes the backboard or hoop. How can some people receive a top quality system and others have excessive vibration?

It all boils down to the quality of the installation. You’ve got to lock the anchor down nice and tight for the pole to be properly supported. The hole for the concrete base must also be deep enough for there to be a strong enough foundation for the pole itself. If the hole is just a little too shallow or the anchor is a little loose, you’re going to experience sometimes severe vibration with this basketball system.

Since you need a concrete base, the initial installation has no room for error. Triple check your measurements if you’re doing this on your own. If you hire someone to install the system for you, make sure that your concerns about vibration are communicated in advance so the job gets done right.

The Goalrilla GLR GS54 in-ground basketball system earns our recommendation because it is strong, durable, and supports all levels of play. It’s a high quality goal, looks great in your yard or backyard court, and will be well worth the investment you make into it.

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