Review: Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable In-Ground Basketball System

Adjustable In-Ground Basketball System

If you want to be able to work on your basketball skills at home, then you need to have high quality equipment available to support your game. You also need equipment that will give you an authentic bounce on the glass or within the cylinder. The Lifetime 71525 height adjustable in-ground basketball system does just that.

The first thing you’ll notice about this in-ground basketball system is that the 54-inch backboard has a professional feeling to it. It’s made from polycarbonate, so you won’t need to worry about it shattering on you during a powerful dunk. It isn’t as heavy as tempered glass either, which makes it a lot easier to install.

Here are some of the other notes we took when taking a look at this particular basketball system for at-home play.

#1. This basketball system is designed for rugged play. Whether you’re at the varsity or collegiate level or you just have kids that like to play aggressively, this basketball system by Lifetime is going to stand up to whatever high-intensity play you can throw its way. The double-compression springs on the rim allow players to dunk with confidence, while outside shooters can have confidence in the softness of the rim. The polycarbonate backboard also provides a relatively true rebounding experience.

#2. The height adjustment system is easy to use once it is installed. Lifetime has created a power-life height adjustment mechanism that allows you to change the height of the rim with just one hand if needed. Keep it at the standard 10-foot height if you wish or bring it down to 7.5 feet for your younger players – or if you just want to start dunking like mad crazy. Our biggest issue with this height mechanism was the installation process, so take your time with it there.

#3. The entire structure is supported by steel. The support pole for the backboard is a 3.5-inch diameter steel structure, which reduces vibration and movement whenever there is an impact on the rim or the backboard. The backboard, although it is transparent, is also supported by steel structuring. It’s powder-coated and has a rust-resistant finish to maintain the quality of the basketball system all year long. Scratches can produce some corrosion over time, however, so you may wish to take some care when installing it along a driveway near trees.

#4. The backboard offers a UV coating. This way you don’t need to worry about the backboard turning yellow over time, like many acrylic backboards tend to do.

#5. This basketball system is not for your bank shot work. If you’re trying to work on your touch shots, this backboard is going to struggle to support you. Although “flimsy” isn’t the right word to use, the polycarbonate surface does deaden the response of most basketballs.

The assembly of the Lifetime 71525 adjustable basketball system is going to take some time. Give yourself the weekend to get the hole dug and the pole set into the concrete and then take another weekend to finish the assembly. That way you can have a consistent experience with this affordable basketball system.

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