Review: Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop – Why We Love This Height-Adjustable System

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Most portable basketball hoops cannot be compared to in-ground systems. The strength and durability of a portable system is hampered by its greater portability – usually. The [easyazon_link identifier=”B01GJ9OY70″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”ballersguide1-20″ cloak=”n”]Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop[/easyazon_link] is a different story. Available with a 50-inch or 54-inch backboard, the angle setup gives you under-the-basket play with a strong system that minimizes vibration and movement.

It assembles very quickly. We anticipate it needing just 90 minutes from starting the assembly process to being able to use it for gameplay.

What Are the Features of the Silverback NXT?

What we really liked about this portable basketball system is how strong it really happens to be. This comes through Silverback’s “Stabili-Frame” technology. They use steel-on-steel connections between the main pole and the base of the unit, which reduces joint weakness that other basketball systems tend to have.

Here are the other features of note to expect when looking at the Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop.

  • Even though this backboard is made with a transparent polycarbonate, it offers a wrap-around framing perimeter that gives it more stability, making rebounds more authentic.
  • Moving the basketball hoop around is relatively simple with the ergonomic design of the base, giving you a replicated wheelbarrow action.
  • The total overhang of this basketball goal is 26 inches, giving most players a lot more room underneath the basket to work.

You’ll also find that the height adjustment feature of this portable basketball system is an invaluable tool to have for younger players. You can go from the regulation 10-foot height down to 7.5 feet in just seconds.

What Are the Advantages of the Silverback NXT?

The real advantage that you receive with this particular basketball hoop is its overall weight. The total goal weight of this system is 175 pounds and that is before you add any weight to the base. This will give you a chance to keep the basketball goal up throughout most of the season without needing to worry about it tipping over.

It also offers a base dimension of 62×32 inches, which reduces the amount of space it takes up on your property. The steel-on-steel connections occur within the base as well, which allows you to protect the system from premature wear and tear. It does mean, however, that sand is a better option to weigh down the base than water with this design.

The main barrier to ownership that we can see with this system is its cost. There are several in-ground basketball systems that cost $100-$200 less than this portable system.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current portable basketball system or you have someone at home that needs to work on their basketball skills, then the Silverback NXT is an investment that we feel would be worth making. Many portable units require a lot of maintenance to make sure they can stay usable. We found our time with this system required little maintenance, even with height adjustments, allowing us to focus on the fun we could have instead.

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