Review: Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

If you have a basketball hoop at home, the temptation to dunk that ball can be one that is too great to resist. The only problem is that most portable basketball hoops are not designed to withstand much dunking. With the Spalding Pro Slam portable basketball system, the angled pole design allows for a greater amount of play to occur under the basket. The hoop is also designed to help support a dunk, as is the weight in the 34-gallon base.

This portable basketball system is also about 10 inches larger on the vertical than other systems with its backboard. The 54-inch backboard, which is made from a transparent polycarbonate material, gives you rebounds that are more authentic on the bounce than a plastic or acrylic backboard. You can also adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with relative ease.

Here Are the Other Features of the Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

The rim on this portable system is a breakway rim, so you don’t have to worry about an aggressive dunk causing a lot of damage. The design mitigates tipping even though it is a portable system, whether you choose to use water in the base or you are using sand or sandbags. Expect the full assembly of this basketball hoop to take a couple of hours.

We found the steel pole to be fairly weather resistant. Aggressive players might impact the pole and cause scratching, which could promote some corrosion over time. Over the course of regular family play, however, we found this basketball hoop to be extremely durable. If you’ve got a mean game of HORSE to play, this system can make that happen.

The angled pole does take a little to get used to having for players that are a little taller. If you’re playing underneath the basket, you might find yourself needing to avoid the steel with your head. Otherwise this basketball hoop gives you a good way to play in your driveway whenever the urge strikes to break out the basketball.

Key Points to Consider with the Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

  • It features a board off-set of 16 inches, accompanied by a blow-molded board pad.
  • The total pole angle for this basketball system is 20 degrees.
  • The full backboard size is 54x 30 inches and it is fully licensed by the NBA.
  • The lift system features Exacta-Height technology that is trademarked by Spalding.
  • The backboard itself is only about 1/8-inch thick.

Most portable systems give you some vibration with a shot. That’s the primary difference between the best in-ground basketball systems and the best portable basketball systems. Vibration with the Spalding Pro Slam portable basketball system, however, is kept to a bare minimum and will support today’s game play with relative consistency.

This basketball hoop isn’t going to compare to a professional quality system. If you need an at-home hoop for the driveway and your budget is limited, however, this is a solid choice to make today.

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