How To Put A Net On A Basketball Hoop: Our Tips & Tricks For Owners


Depending on how you grew up, you might remember playing basketball as a child. Although people claim baseball is the national sport of the United States, and that football is the game that brings out the crowds, almost every American child spent part of their life throwing an orange ball through a raised hoop.

The net wasn’t always a crucial part of basketball but plays an important role in the game. While most people imagine a stripped hoop with no net, you’ll never see a professional game without one. This is because the net slows down the velocity of the ball and maneuvers it downwards so it falls to the floor instead of bouncing out of the hoop and smacking one of the players in the face. This is, naturally, important to prevent injuries like concussions, knocked out teeth, and broken noses.

But what happens when the net starts to go bad? Everyone who plays basketball has seen one of those – a net that is rotting, full of extra holes, or so ancient that the rope is starting to come undone.

Well, it is possible to replace it in a quick and easy process, which this guide intends to tell you!

Why You Should Replace the Net

Picture of a net in hoop

There are a couple of reasons why it’s important to replace the net on a basketball hoop or to put one on in the first place. First, the net is designed to prevent injuries. If you’re just installing a hoop for your driveway or yard and choose not to place the net on the hoop, you will be liable for any injuries that happen to you or your family. The company will not be responsible, and there are some pretty bad accidents that can happen when a game gets heated. Take the extra few minutes and put the net on!

Second, if you or someone in your household is trying to practice for a school game or some sort of club, it’s important to get used to the net. Almost no professional game at any level is played without the net, and players who practice with it installed have an advantage over those who do not. Whether it be a better reaction time, knowing where the ball is likely to drop once it passes through the net, or understanding how to get a ball down when it gets stuck, having a net on a basketball hoop can be an educational experience for everyone involved.

Safety Guidelines

Little boy hanging from a basketball hoop

Finally, remember to pay attention to safety when putting a net on a hoop. If you’re installing a new hoop, put the net around the hoop before the final installation so you don’t have to attach the net while in the air. If you are replacing the net and cannot take the hoop down, remember to use a stepladder on flat, even ground and to always have someone with you in case you fall. Do NOT lean a ladder against a wobbly surface, and do NOT try to hand onto the hoop to steady yourself, as it is likely to fall from your weight.

Now, on to the replacement!

How to Replace the Net

Replacing a hoop net

To put a net on a basketball hoop, you just need the hoop, the net, and your hands. Identify the outer edges of the net and the loops that form this rim. Then, choose a loop and place it through the first hole visible along the rim of the hoop. Pull the loop down and then spread the rope so that it becomes trapped in the slight openings within the hole around the rim and stays in place.

If you are confused by those instructions, pay close attention to the hole that the loop is pulled through. There should be several raised and lowered edges in the hole that you can press the rope of the loop into. Once you get the rope pressed down into those divots, pull the rest of the net through it so it creates a stable semi-knot.

Return to your original position and pull down on the net. The rope should stick in the divots and keep the net in place because of that semi-knot created by pulling the net through the loop while it was secured in place. Once you have mastered this art on the first hole, put the rest of the loops through the rest of the holes, putting only a single loop in each available space. Do not be worried if it takes you a few tries to get this procedure correct. It is difficult to loop properly at first but is difficult to forget once done.

Once this process is done, pull down on the net a bit to make sure the ropes are stable and the net will not fall when a basketball goes through it. If it stays in place, your work is done. If it starts to fall, make sure you looped the net properly.


Everyone loves basketball, so it only makes sense that you need to learn how to put a net on a basketball hoop at some point in your life. If this is your first time installing a net on a basketball hoop, be sure to watch for safety hazards and don’t get frustrated. The entire process can be confusing at first and take more than you want to. On average, even someone with experience can spend at least ten minutes trying to get the net in place. But, once you have the process sorted out, you can get back to doing what you, your friends, and your family love – playing basketball!

What’s Next

Thanks to this guide, you now understand the right way to put a net on your new or recycled basketball hoop! While the process is frustrating, once you have this skill, you will never forget it. If you appreciated this guide and found it educational and informative, check out our homepage. We regularly post hand tips, tricks, other guides, and relevant product reviews to keep you up to date with all of the wonderful things in the world of basketball. Our guide to the best wall-mount hoops is a great place to start!