Review: Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

Premium Rubber Basketball

Here’s the problem: you need a good outdoor basketball, so you pay a lot of money to get a ball that can perform consistently. Then, when you use it outdoors over a month or two, it becomes slick and inconsistent. With the Mikasa BX1000 premium rubber basketball, you’re going to get an affordable basketball that will take you through the outdoor season so you can have some fun.

Here are our observations from the time we spent playing with this basketball.

#1. It’s a cheap basketball, so keep expectations where they should be. This is more of a playground basketball than anything else. They are nylon-wound to maintain their shape and made with a quality rubber material, but it is going to have more of a reaction than other basketballs. If you’re a serious player trying to improve your game, this is not the basketball you are going to want. Sending the kids outside to play or for recess? It’s perfect.

#2. The sizing of the ball is dependent on its inflation. When you get to what you think the right bounce happens to be with this basketball, there is a good chance that it will actually be slightly underinflated. This is because the cover gives you a bigger reaction on the bounce. We found ourselves needing to put in more air to make sure the ball reached its true circumference. Using it while underinflated will also increase the risk of damaging the basketball.

#3. The channels are barely recessed on this basketball. The Mikasa BX1000 has the standard channels of any outdoor basketball, but they are not nearly as recessed as other outdoor basketballs. You’re going to get a majority of your rotation on this ball from the grip. Since the grip can change when the ball gets wet, you may find it difficult to work on an accurate shot from the top of the key during inclement weather or in a hot gym.

#4. Deep pebbling on the cover feels different on the hand. The grip on the basketball attempts to compensate for the lack of channeling, which it does fairly well in regular conditions. At first, the grip almost feels rough on the hand when you first start to use this basketball. The ball slicks up a bit with use, however, and this feeling goes away after a few games.

#5. Think of this as a youth basketball option. If you’re working with kids to build basic basketball skills, like dribbling drills, passing drills, and game familiarity, then the value of this entry-level basketball becomes very clear. You’ll get a consistent reaction from the ball that will help kids begin to pick-up the game. The ball also looks pretty good, which makes the kids want to play some basketball as well.

The Mikasa BX1000 premium rubber basketball is a good quality for the price when looking at it from the perspective of a school, youth program, or for a home recreational need. Serious players need to step up to a different ball, but beginners will appreciate what this basketball can do.

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