Review: Molten Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Molten X-Series Basketball

There are two schools of thought when it comes to basketball. The first is to use a ball that is similar to gameplay conditions, creating a muscle memory that will produce consistency. The second is to build hand/eye coordination by using a larger ball than in gameplay conditions so that shooting and handling becomes easier. The Molten X-Series indoor/outdoor basketball works best for the latter.

It is also the best basketball choice for international players or those who may be playing in FIBA-sponsored events. A FIBA-approved ball is slightly larger than US gameplay balls and features a 12-panel design instead of the standard 6-panel design, which can give your game certain advantages.

Why Choose the Molten Indoor/Outdoor Basketball?

Maybe you grew up needing to add more lift to the ball, so you started your shooting mechanism closer to your waist instead of rising up from the elbow. Or maybe you struggle to get the correct rotation on your shot. This basketball by Molten is going to help you correct those issues.

The indoor/outdoor synthetic cover gives you a realistic grip and bounce. Adding in the white stripes for six extra panels means you have more channels to help your hand establish some rotation while shooting. And if you’re a touch shooter who needs to work on specific rotations that kiss the glass, you’ll find it becomes easier to produce results thanks to this unique FIBA design.

So is it the standard US gameplay ball? No. It can, however, help you to teach kids advanced ball-handling skills or work on shooting techniques as they get ready to progress to the next levels of organized basketball.

Tracking Ball Rotation and Its Importance to Your Game

Shooting is just one skill that players need in the modern game of basketball. Rebounding is also required. Knowing how to box out properly is important, but so is being able to track the rotation of a ball. When you can see how a ball is going to react in the cylinder before it gets there, it becomes possible to anticipate where the rebound location will be. That tracking ability is called “having a nose for the ball.”

The X-design on the synthetic cover of this basketball makes it easier for beginning rebounders to track its rotation. By watching the rotation as it hits the cylinder, players can then see how the ball reacts and where its movement will take it. Over time, this builds an instinct for where the ball will be and does so faster than a standard basketball design can typically provide.

As an outdoor ball, this surface has a hexagon-pebble grip instead of the typical raised surface, giving players more consistent contact with the ball, no matter where it happens to be held.

Because this ball is FIBA-approved, it is a bit heavier and larger than a “standard” US basketball. It might not be the right fit for everyone, but the Molten Indoor/Outdoor FIBA Basketball does a good job of preparing players in specific skill categories while still letting everyone have fun with the game.

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