Review: Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

Spalding NBA Basketball

Ever notice how outdoor basketballs can hit the rim and then go flying to the other side of the court? The rubberized cover of those balls might help it withstand outdoor play, but it’s almost impossible to work on rebounding or outside shooting with them. The Spalding NBA varsity outdoor rubber basketball is one of the exceptions to that rule. Although you’ll receive more reaction from this ball than one with a composite leather cover, it is still an authentic movement that will help you work on your game.

Many rubber balls also tend to lose their shape over time or if they experience a big impact. We didn’t have that problem with this Spalding basketball. No matter what the color combination happened to be, the ball maintained its grip, shape, and reaction within the cylinder.

What Are the Advantages of this Spalding Outdoor Basketball?

Many outdoor basketballs offer a different user experience if the weather isn’t perfect outside. If it’s a little cold, then the basketball gets harder and the grip becomes a bit slick. If there is any moisture on the court, you can forget about grabbing most outdoor balls. We found the experience with this Spalding basketball was very different than that.

The replicated pebble grip on the rubber cover is very similar to that of a composite leather ball. Even when the basketball is wet, you’re still going to feel some grip on the ball. You still have dribbling and passing control as well. It really is remarkably easy to hold, no matter what the conditions may be outside.

It also provides a consistent reaction in cold weather. It doesn’t feel like you’re throwing up a weighted brick toward the rim and you still receive a good rebound opportunity if you happen to shoot a brick. The bounce was consistent throughout, so you can work on your game outside whenever you want. That is, perhaps, the greatest advantage this basketball is able to provide.

Make Sure You Check the Seams of this Basketball First

We certainly didn’t get the “cheap” rubber basketball feeling when taking a look at this basketball. What we did notice is that there were some slight imperfections along the seams of the ball. This didn’t affect the integrity of gameplay or our ability to practice with it, but it could for some users if those imperfections happened to be bad enough.

Like many basketballs, the area around the logo of the ball is a bit more slippery than the rest of the ball. This becomes a problem during poor weather play outdoors or if you’re taking a rushed shot, but doesn’t really affect the rest of this ball’s performance.

If you’re looking for an authentic ball that can withstand some tough outdoor play, then the Spalding NBA Varsity outdoor rubber basketball is a solid choice. It might have a few difficulties here and there, but it will also be a basketball that you can use for more than a season or two for daily driveway or park use.

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