Review: Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Spalding Indoor and Outdoor Basketball

Have you ever picked up a composite basketball and had it slip right out of your hands? Many composite leather designs just don’t have the grip that a natural basketball is able to provide. One of the exceptions to that rule is the Spalding NBA Zi/O indoor/outdoor basketball. The pebbling on the ball gives you a nice grip for shooting or dribbling that will stand up to the rigors of play in the gym or out on the street.

The cover of the ball itself feels soft, like the older natural leather balls used to feel like. When properly inflated, the dribble and rim reaction also feel genuine. If you’re looking for a new ball to practice or play with on a regular basis, this Spalding option will give you an authentic feel for the modern game.

Why Choose the Spalding Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball?

If you’re an outdoor player, here’s the primary reason to choose this basketball: you don’t need to deal with an over-reacting hardened rubber cover that makes it feel like you’re using a giant racquetball.

If you’re an indoor player, you’re going to receive the same feel, weight, and rotation that a “regular” basketball would provide.

So how did Spalding create a basketball that allows indoor and outdoor players to be able to play with one of the best basketballs they’ve ever used? It comes from the unique design elements that are on this ball.

  • The cover of the Spalding Zi/O is lined with a foam backing, giving the basketball a softer feel compared to other indoor/outdoor basketballs.
  • The pebbled grip on the basketball includes the graphics on the ball, so you’re not stuck with a slick spot with the NBA logo.
  • The seams maintain a good air seal during practice or game play so that you don’t wind up playing with a partially deflated ball.

What to Expect with the Spalding Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

This basketball is not a professional quality basketball. We’d describe the composite cover as a “premium” feature, but it is more of a mid-range basketball compared to other models that are available. We found this ball to be useful for most practice situations or for limited game play scenarios.

The grip on the ball does tend to smooth out over time, especially if you are primarily using the ball in an outdoor environment. We found the cover tends to scratch up a bit, especially if you’re using the ball on a surface that can be somewhat gritty. If you’re a driveway player and this ball could come into contact with gravel, you might want to consider a cover that contains a harder surface.

Overall, we found this indoor/outdoor basketball by Spalding to be a good investment value for serious players who want to work on their game in any environment. You’ll want to store the ball inside to maintain its integrity, but otherwise this design is going to take care of you and your game. It earns our recommendation today.

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