Review: Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution Basketball

It’s perfect practice that makes perfect in the game of basketball. And if you’ve ever played on a team within an organized league, you’ve often encountered one very big problem: your practice balls are different than the game ball. If you have the Wilson Evolution indoor game basketball as part of your practice, that problem will go away.

This basketball is comparable to any standard game basketball that is used at any level of the game. It is also available in Size 5, Size 6, or Size 7 – so any player can get ready for game day and have the correct muscle memory from a game use ball from their practice. You no longer need to spend the first 4 minutes of the game getting used to the ball itself.

Investing into this ball will give you several skill benefits as well.

Why the Evolution Is a Superior Indoor Basketball

The grip on this composite leather basketball is about as close to the feeling as you’ll get to the older leather basketballs. No matter where you happen to grab the ball, you’ll have the right grip to take your shot. The touchpoints give you the control you need.

We also like the channels that have been built into this basketball. They’re promoted as “moisture-wicking channels,” but in reality, it reinforces the grip that you receive from the pebble touchpoints. The depth is just right, allowing you to put on the proper spin during a layup so you can kiss the glass with ease. Outside shooters will appreciate the backspin that can be created with this ball as well, giving them more opportunities to get a friendly bounce.

The cushioned core of this Wilson basketball is also something to note. It provides the ball with a consistent reaction in the cylinder, allowing you to follow your nose for the ball should a rebound come off. And if you want to slash to the rim because you sense an opening, you can have confidence with each dribble that this basketball is going to be where you want it to be.

Our Notes from Playing with the Wilson Evolution

This is not a basketball that should be used in an outdoor environment – ever. The composite leather cover is made from a microfiber compound, which is why it performs so effectively well. The grind of an outdoor court is going to fray those microfibers, reducing the integrity of the ball almost immediately.

Instead of a foam reinforcement inside the composite cover, Wilson has given the Evolution a low-density sponge rubber, which prolongs the consistency this ball is able to provide you during practice and play.

With the Wilson Evolution, you get the right balance between grip and feel. For older players, it’s about as close as you’ll get to the new basketball smell from those leather balls and it will bring your game back. For younger players, this is the best option to use when getting ready for a big game. That’s why it earns our strongest recommendation.

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