Review: Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

You’re in the middle of a tough practice. Your hands are a bit grimy and sweaty. The ball comes your way and you go up at the elbow to take a shot, but the sweat in your hands causes the basketball to continue rotating. Suddenly your sure-shot isn’t so sure. With the Wilson NCAA replica game basketball, you wouldn’t encounter this problem.

The composite leather material on this indoor/outdoor basketball absorbs the light moisture that comes from the sweat on the palm of your hands. With the surface pebbling, this gives you a good grip as you slash to the rim or rise for the fade-away. If you want a high quality basketball and don’t want to pay the massive prices of other manufacturers, then give this option a closer look.

What Are the Features of the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball?

If you grew up in the days of the genuine leather basketball, then your complaints about this composite leather cover are going to be the same as they would be for any composite ball. The reaction of this ball is a little different from real leather, but it is comparable to the professional-quality basketballs that are on the market today. Rim reaction, dribbling, and passing are all consistent thanks to the structure of this basketball.

Wilson has taken a different approach in the creation of a basketball that gives you authentic gameplay while being resilient enough to be used outdoors on a regular basis. Here’s how they got the job done.

  • There are patented composite materials that are laid in the channels of the basketball, giving you an authentic rotation that you can control.
  • Another patented idea, called “Cushion Core Technology,” gives you the feeling of a genuine leather basketball when passing or shooting.
  • The reinforced cover allows for playing outside in gritty environments without really damaging the ball much over time.

Our Notes from Playing with the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

First off – the barcode area on the basketball does not have any grip. This slick point can interrupt the game of a touch player rather quickly. The Wilson and NCAA logos do not have texturing either.

We also found the channels made ball handling a little difficult from time to time. The channels form corners on the surface of the basketball, creating an area that almost feels raised underneath the palm. The bounce was true for dribbling, but on the rim, we found that the design could affect a touch shot here and there.

The channels also feel just a bit larger than what you’ll find on other basketballs. Not a bad thing if you have larger hands, but some younger players may dislike that experience.

Like with any composite basketball, the surface is going to become slick over time and that process begins with the first time you use the ball. We recommend the Wilson NCAA replica game basketball for pickup games, practicing at home, or a solid team practice ball because of its overall consistency.

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